Mary Glen hails proudly from Kansas City. She recently received her MFA from UC San Diego, after attending Stanford University for undergrad. Some of her favorite credits include: Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew(d), Goneril in King Lear, Ethel Rosenberg in Angels in America: I & II, Varya in The Cherry Orchard and Colombina in The Venetian Twins. She is also thrilled to be a part of the Machinalia team, a touring two-person adaptation of Machinal from California to New York. 


"The entire piece is exquisitely staged by director Will Detlefsen, and expertly performed by Mary Glen Fredrick and Enrico Nassi."

"as the show progressed, having Fredrick throw herself around the stage, inhabiting up to five voices and postures within one scene alone once again thematically illustrated this motif of womanhood as malleable, schizophrenic, and always a performance."

"Moreover, as though to thematically match this enormous disparity between what we expect of women versus what we expect of men, Fredrick’s own part is noticeably more challenging and virtuosic than Nassi’s. It is a challenge to which actor Fredrick very much rises, and her noticeable exhaustion by the play’s end highlights this disparity.” - CULTURE BOT