Beulah "My Home" (from The Stanford Project)

Who does he think he is?
Barging into my kitchen
Demandin, his pickins, hell that's what he did
With his high yellow attitude show me some gratitude Typical kid
I've built up my respect round here from scratch
30 years of scrubbing the shit and grits out the cracks I see nothing wrong
with separate lines between whites and blacks
You's as colored as paint
Keep acting white but you ain't
Times are trying to change
But it ain't for good
I want 'em to stay the same What ain't broke don't go fixin' You're only a starting a flame
My boys value my cookin, my cleaning, to them I got meaning I've worked to the bone
To make this here my home
This right here is my home
And my Zeke is mule
If you told him to sit, stay, roll over He'd smile say "yes Suh" and then drool
See I smell disrespect like its dog shit You won't mistake me for no fool
You're no better than me cause your brain is full of books
You try raising two boys, supply all their needs from the recipes that you cook I see right through ya glasshouse baby it don't take much more than a look
If you move in this house
That lip we gone do without
Times are' trying to change
But It ain't for good
Why can't they just stay the same? Life ain't broke don't try fixin' it You're adding blood to a flame
My best value's my cookin, my cleaning, I know I got meaning I've worked hand and bone
We all pictured a better life
But I thank God for what I got
Yes I'm colored, a warrior, everything
This shitty world is not
You won't make me feel less than baby but somehow you think you’re on top
Oh I've been around
That's not how this goes down
Things won't be changing around here it ain't no good
I'll make sure they stay the same
It ain't broke why go fixin' it
You're only stirring up pain
Here they love Beulah's cooking , my cleaning, I know I got meaning I've worked hand and bone
You gone leave me alone
And you best watch that tone
Cause this right here’s my home